Q. How do I stop a 07 XTR rear derailleur from hitting the horst link on my Moto-lite. I saw Jimmie Mac’s custom Titus ML write up where you had the same problem, but said with an adjustment it was fixed. I’ve tried the B limiter which helps some. Is there another fix because it’s making a racket back there.
RC: Unfortunately, the optimal place for the swingarm/dropout pivot is right in the path of the front derailleur. Moving it (Specialized and Ellsworth) to a differrent location compromises the fully-active aspect of the Horst-Link geometry to a degree. The clanking only happens in one or two gear combinations–providing that your chain is correctly sized. First, check your chain for proper length by shifting into the largest cog and big chainring. Pull the chain tight until the rear derailleur cage is maxed out in its forward most position and then let it relax back one inch (one link). Shorten or lengthen the chain to this spec and then ride around to see if your bike still clanks. If it does, then stick a small rubber furniture-leg bumper on the rear derailleur (or dropout) where it contacts the dropout and use a small zip tie to keep it secure.

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