How To Build A Value Enduro Bike

How To Build A Value Enduro Bike

Our build started with a made-in-Canada Devinci Spartan frame.

An enduro bike is a long-travel machine built for downhill speed with a splash of climbing efficiency. These bikes can range in price from mild to wild, depending on what level of parts and types of materials are used. At the elite level, enduro bikes are packed with carbon components and top-of-the-line suspension, while entry-level enduro bikes take on aluminum parts and less-adjustable suspension parts.

While the top-of-the-line bikes may be a dream to ride, they often come with an eye-popping price tag. Our goal for our latest frame-up build was to assemble a bike capable of competing with top-of-the-line enduro bikes while staying as close as possible to the entry-level price point. Let’s dig into our value enduro bike build.

A Specialized SWAT tool puts what we need at our fingertips.

Frame: Devinci offers both carbon- and aluminum-framed bikes; however, its aluminum models are handcrafted in Devinci’s Canadian headquarters. Considering the Spartan’s handmade aluminum frame can be purchased for $1000 less than its carbon counterpart, it was a no-brainer picking it for our budget build.

The Spartan frame features 165mm of Split Pivot suspension and pairs it with a 170mm fork. A pair of Flip Chips in the linkage offers an adjustable geometry, and a 157mm Super Boost Plus rear-axle spacing improves stiffness and offers clearance for 2.5-inch tires. Last but not least are external cable routing and a threaded bottom bracket, making the bike easy to service.

Fork: To truly make our bike ready for the rough stuff, we used a Fox 38 Performance fork on our bike. The Performance series from Fox can be…


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