Adjust your brake levers to the safest angle, find your perfect tire pressure, set up your suspension, improve your riding skills, train to win races, and more.

The podcast is called “The MTB Episode,” starring Payson McElveen, Geoff Kabush, Joe Lawwill, and Steve Neal.

The intro says, “We’ve recruited some of the most talented folks in the sport to help us decipher this niche of cycling, from race craft to technique, to training, and everything in between.

“What are the most critical elements of short track, cross-country, and marathon racing? Our guests take us inside the races.

“What are the fundamentals to better bike handling on dirt? Our experts have the answers.

“How can you tell if your fitness or your technique is what’s holding you back from making progress? We let you in on a simple trick.

“Is the training for mountain bike racing any different from road racing? Listen in to find out more about the nuances of off-road performance.

“We answer those questions and so many more with the help of some of the most recognizable names in the sport. We start our conversation with Payson McElveen, a two-time cross-country marathon national champion, who races for the Orange Seal Offroad Team. If you haven’t found it yet, check out Payson’s podcast, The Adventure Stache.

“We’re also joined by two legends of the sport. Geoff Kabush is a three-time Olympian, a nine-time World Cup podium finisher, including his win at the Bromont World Cup in 2009, and a nine-time Canadian cross-country national champion. Joe Lawwill started racing motocross as a kid, then transitioned to the bike, racing professionally for 10 years before slotting into his current role as Shimano’s North American mountain bike marketing manager as well as an experienced mountain bike skills coach.

“We also hear from Steve Neal, the former Ontario Provincial coach for nine years, onetime coach of many national team athletes, and current co-owner of The Cycling Gym in Toronto, to learn more about specific training needs and methods for mountain biking.”

“This podcast has some of the best mountain biking tips that I’ve ever heard.”—MBA  Senior Editor, John Ker

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