We found this interview with the Olympic champion on the Red Bull website

After winning the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Tom Pidcock went on win the UCI’s XCO World Championship title  in 2023. Then, last weekend at Nove Mesto in the Czech Republic, Pidcock won the third World Cup XCO race of 2024.

While reading about the Olympic qualification system, we found this interview with Tom Pidcock on the Red Bull website, where he talks about how he trains and what he eats to win races. He does mention Red Bull, since they are one of his main sponsors, but it’s interesting to find out everything else he does to prepare for his races.

Here’s what Pidcock says about his meals on the days when he’s training:

“My breakfast is basically the same every training day: I have 105-120g of oats for porridge and then an omelette with half an avocado and smoked salmon. Lunch is pasta or rice with some protein and vegetables. Dinner is the same. Carbs, protein and loads of veg – keep it simple!

“For snacks, I’ve eaten a lot of rice cakes in the last couple of years. They’re great because they haven’t got a lot of calories but you can eat loads of them if you have to. On the bike, I mainly use bars, bananas and sometimes I’ll make some Oreo rice cakes or something like that. I try to eat somewhere between every 20 minutes to an hour depending on the session. I rarely use gels when I train – I save them for races.”

If you go to the interview, you can also read about his meals and snacks on the days he races.

Here’s the link to the interview:


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