Mountain Bike Action Bike Hacks: Use “Your Own” Saliva to Defog Sunglasses

Use “Your Own” Saliva to Defog Sunglasses

Need a quick and easy way to decrease the likelihood that your sunglasses will fog up? Use spit—yes, your spit. Swimmers have used spittle as anti-fog in their goggles for years, but it also works on sunglasses.

It works like this:

1. Simply fog up the glasses with your breath, but then take it one step further and actually lick or spit on the lenses.

2. Next, wipe the lenses with your finger to evenly disperse the saliva.

3. Then, wipe the lenses with a clean fabric such as your shirt.

FYI: The synthetic material that most jerseys are made of can be a poor choice, but cotton works best.

Now, go shred and be fog-free.


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