Ibis Announces USA Carbon Production

Today, we have two big announcements to share. The first bit of news is that we’re bringing back the size small Ripley, the second is that we’re making it in house.

We’ve been quietly building our carbon fiber manufacturing facility for the past four years. The goal of the project was to test new technologies and explore the feasibility of US made production.

For our first project, Roxy (our designer and co-owner) asked us to make her a size small Ripley LS. We said yes. The end result is a frame that’s nearly ~200g lighter than its overseas made predecessor and takes roughly 40% less time to manufacture.

For now, the only product we plan to produce in the United States is the size small Ripley LS.  This will allow us to start “small” and scale up. We hope to someday produce a future model entirely in house.

Want to learn more about our process? Click the link to tour our
Carbon 831 lab.

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