IMBA Is Keeping America’s Trail System Healthy

It’s been stellar seeing sunrises and sunsets out on two wheels during these long summer days. Hopefully, you’re catching those perfect trail conditions, before things get too dusty, or too muddy, or too blown out, or whatever might make your local ride one notch less than perfect—if there is such a thing.

As you roll out or roll back in, remember to show appreciation for the local groups behind your favorite trails. Volunteers across the country are clearing downed trees, smoothing out brake bumps, tamping down jump lines, and building new trails for their communities and for the love of the ride. Find your local group and say thanks. If you haven’t volunteered at a trail workday, give it a try. It is such a rewarding way to spend a day in the dirt.

Clearing Trails in Iowa

A derecho storm devastated Cedar Rapids, Iowa, last August, seeing 140mph winds that flattened 70% of the area’s trees. Volunteers with the Linn Area Mountain Bike Association have put in thousands of hours clearing downed trees from mountain bike and multi-use trails. Work continued through the winter and into spring so residents in Cedar Rapids have outdoor spaces to ride, run and walk.

New Trails with NICA in California

Mother Lode Trail Stewardship in El Dorado County, California, partnered with American River Conservancy to develop trails at the newly acquired Salmon Falls Ranch. The trails link into and expand an existing trail network to serve the community and the local NICA team. Mother Lode leaders and high school mountain bikers volunteered hundreds of hours together this past spring to build the trails.

The newest mountain bike trail system on the Colorado Front Range opened Memorial Day weekend in Black Hawk, Colorado. Neighboring IMBA Local Partners Colorado Mountain Bike Association and Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance partnered with the City of Black Hawk on the project, contributing years of advocacy work, design input, and thousands of volunteer hours to build Maryland Mountain.

Volunteers with Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) have been hard at work enhancing and expanding eight trail systems in Virginia and Maryland, including Brookfield Park in Annandale, Virginia. The neighborhood park serves the local high school, and the community has asked for more from MORE! The project will expand the current pump track to include jump line features.