In Depth Look at SRAM’s 2013 Type 2 Derailleurs and Grip Shift

A few months ago, SRAM introduced their brand new Type 2 rear derailleurs as well as the latest evolution of Grip Shift, but it wasn’t until the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA. that the public was able to check out the new product first hand. SRAM’s Tyler Morland took a few minutes to discuss the finer points of their newest offerings with MBA.

The key to the Type 2 is it’s one way roller bearing clutch which keeps the chain from slapping violently through rough sections of trail. Unlike Shimano’s Shadow Plus rear derailleur, according to SRAM the clutch’s tension does not need to be adjusted and comes set to a factory spec to make the product more user friend

With the added tension on the derailleur, wheel removal would be nearly impossible. To combat this, SRAM designed in Cage Lock which allows the rider to lock the cage in the forward position, releasing chain tension and allowing for what they call the easiest wheel removal out there.

The new Grip Shift is available in both XX and X0 versions, the only differences between the two is that the XX model comes with a carbon cover and Gore’s RideOn sealed cables. The weight is the same between the two models.

Grip Shift now sports more durable inner workings, with three rows of balls bearings for smooth movement and indexed shifting with all metal components. The shifters also come with specifically designed grips which connect to the shifter to basically form one large lock-on grip, they also taper to the larger diameter of the shifter for a smooth transition between the two.

“This isn’t your grandpa’s Grip Shift” Greg Herbold approves.

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