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MOUNTAIN BIKING WITH PRO ATHLETES IN WINDROCK TENNESSEE Join Nik Nestoroff, Dakotah Norton, and Christopher Grice for an onboard lap as they ride a 7-minute long break Downhill run in Windrock, Tennessee. This trail drops over 500 feet per minute! The KHS Pro Team has just wrapped up the Fontana Race series with two overall […]


Beyond having a racing career, Amy Morrison is a teacher, a coach and an advocate for being immersed in a healthy lifestyle. Morrison took this a step further by starting a mountain bike club at the school where she teaches. Although she has more than held her own in enduro mountain bike events, she has […]


While a lot of attention was focused on the quest for Olympic gold this past year, something happened in the younger ranks that we don’t think we have ever seen before: an American, Riley Amos, won a U23 Men’s World Cup race. It’s not easy to win a U23 World Cup race. Those riders will […]

KHS Video of Snowshoe World Cup Week

Video Snowshoe World Cup Week Every now and then two World Cup races just happen to take place in the same week, at the same place, totally normal, right? Well, that is what happened in Snowshoe, WV and the KHS pro MTB team was there to race. #khsbicycles #khspromtb SUBSCRIBE & RENEW HERE FOLLOW US […]

Destination: The Oaxaca Experience

What comes to mind when you think of Mexico? Is it a luxurious, mountainous adventure with loamy dirt, world-class food, beautiful views, historical architecture, and an inviting cultural experience? We will be honest and say that is not at all what first comes to mind.

New Video: KHS Pro MTB at Mountain Creek Park

Downhill National round 2 is one of the most premier races of the season and who would be taking the top steps? The team would be flying out to New Jersey for one of the most decorated Downhill events of the season hosted by Mountain Creek Bike Park located in Vernon, New Jersey. SUBSCRIBE & […]

Mathieu Van Der Poel Withdraws from Tour de France

  Mathieu van der Poel got to wear the yellow leader’s jersey in the Tour de France for six days in the past week, an impressive debut for his first appearance in cycling’s most prestigious race.  (Photo: Bettini/Road Bike Action)   As many people had said he would, Mathieu van der Poel withdrew from the […]