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Three bikes battle for glory

Intense Primer Shootout

27.5 vs 279 vs 29

The trail bike category in Intense Cycle’s line up has been simplified to just one model name that features three separate wheel size options. Fans of the popular Southern California brand will find bikes such as the ACV, the Recluse and the Spider have all been dropped from the 2020 model year to be replaced by the all-new Primer family. The family consists of three-wheel size options including, 275, 279 and 29.
Most riders are familiar with the handling differences between 27.5-inch and 29er wheels, but once the third option is tossed into the mix, the choice can become a difficult one to make. Like always, the wrecking crew is here to help. We spent months riding back to back laps on these three unique machines to bring you a proper evaluation of each model. Here’s how the three nearly identical bikes fared in our three bike shootout. 
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