Interview: Austrian Downhill Sensation Valentina ‘Vali’ Höll


I am going to vomit somewhere. It is just amazing when you are in the start gate, like those 30 seconds before you drop in it is weird how your brain is switching into a different mode and you don’t think about anything. That is a nice feeling.

You grew up just around the corner from Leogang, so what are your goals going into your first elite World Championships?

It is a little bit of pressure to be honest because everybody talks about it and asks me how I am going to feel for it and if I am going to do well or not and if I am excited about it. For sure I am excited because I guess you can be really proud to have World Champs in your home country but there is a lot of pressure coming with it as well.

How do you like the Leogang course?

To be honest, I like the track even though a lot of people complain about it but I think you shouldn’t complain about tracks because they will never do well on it and you have to ride whatever you get to because I guess you are pretty lucky if you get the chance to live just riding down bike tracks. I like it.


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