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Mountain Bike Tire Repair Tips

from Jared Graves

Jared Graves is back with Yeti for the 2020 World Enduro Series. It is awesome to see this former world champion back on his bike after recovery from brain tumor surgery. Lately, Jared has been on his Instagram with short posts every Tuesday to give riders some pro tips and tricks.

This post, Jared features a great money saver tip to salvage a mountain bike tire.

“Basically you patch the tyre in the same way you do the tube but it requires a couple extra steps to make it 100% as good as new.”

Step 1: “Thoroughly clean the inside of the tyre at the area of the puncture. Followed by a wuick [sic] scuff up with some 180 or finer sandpaper, patch up the holes with patch kit.”

Step 2: “reapply another layer of the rubber cement and let it air dry for a few minutes.”

Step 3: “take some strips of gorilla tape and place over the patches.”

“I have had a 100% success rate with this tip. It certainly beats forking out another few hours work worth of money for another tyre they [sic] I’ve seen way too many people do.”

Keep your eyes open for more pro tips every Tuesday from Jared on his Instagram – Link to Jared Instagram

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