Gene's coaching classes are filling up fast

Some of the top mountain bikers in America, including downhill and enduro champions Mitch Ropelato and Cody Kelley have told us that Gene Hamilton’s courses helped them improve their riding.

In the attached video, Gene talks about how he worked with four-time UCI Downhill World Champion Greg Minnaar (often referred to as the GOAT of downhill) to help develop the BetterRide skills training. We’ve heard from numerous people, including Mitch Ropelato, Cody Kelley, Greg Minnaar, photographer Scott Markewitz, and three former MBA test riders—including Bryson Martin, Sr., and Bryson Martin Jr.— that Gene’s BetterRide training program is worth taking, so we’ll share this news with our readers. Check out the schedule for Gene’s courses for 2023, and watch the video where Gene talks about his background in mountain biking and how he came to develop his BetterRide courses more than 23 years ago, even getting help from Greg Minnarr in the process:

Here’s the news release from Gene:

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