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Saddle after saddle after saddle, and nothing fits my bum! I mostly ride Enduro, so a huge mix of pedaling and descending. I’d like to avoid buying and “trying” to return saddles that are not the right fit. What should I do? Is there someone that specializes in the perfect saddle for all to use?

Debbie Witmen
San Rafael, California

Kate rides with a more aggressive saddle. The Belcarra V by Syncros is part of the Syncros performance range of saddles and it features a tapered profile, pressure-relieving channel, and V concept shape design for flexible riders who prefer to sit towards the front of the saddle.


Sorry to hear about your saddle troubles. If you have access to a professional bike fitting, we recommend going that route. These pro bike fitters will measure your sit bones and help you figure out which saddle will fit your bum best. They will also take into account the type of riding you do. XC riders need a narrower saddle due to their leaned-over position, while Enduro riders may need a wider saddle due to their more upright seated position.

If a professional bike fitting is out of the question, look for a local bike shop with a saddle demo program. These shops will let you test drive multiple saddles until you find one you want to buy.

If all else fails, it may not be your saddle at all. Try a few different chamois styles to find out which design works best. Unfortunately, these won’t be returnable for obvious reasons.

Rachel Atherton talks about WTB’s revolutionary Fit Right System.

The WTB Fit Right System uses a simple method to determine personalized saddle fit. Based on your individual biometrics and riding position, we calculate your sit bone measurement and match it to our complete range of saddles.

When All Fails, Look To The Experts

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