Nik Nestoroff and Kailey Skelton kick off Southridge Racing Winter Season in SoCal

Press Release:

The KHS team for 2022: (L. to R.) Kailey Skelton, Nik Nestoroff, Steven Walton, and Nate Kitchen.

Southridge USA has always been a foundation to the mountain community by bringing some of the best racers in the world to the California dirt. It would be Nik Nestoroff who would take the pro men’s Enduro win on board the brand new 2022 KHS 6600 Enduro bike with teammate  Steven Walton, taking third, which was very impressive since he was under the weather with some mild flu symptoms.

Nikolas Nestoroff and the new KHS 6600,

The team couldn’t be more ecstatic with a fresh start and new bikes under their belts to get the ball rolling for the 2022 race season. Fontana, California always produces some great race weather along with a strong field of racers to compete against the best of the best. Firing off in the Downhill Pro Women’s race Kailey Skelton would get back to her roots right where she left off in 2021 by winning the female Pro Downhill race by a large margin and getting her feet wet and back into the grind of racing.


Nik Nestoroff topped the podium in the Pro Men’s downhill, while KHS teammate Steven Walton (the 2020 National Downhill Champion) took third despite suffering from what seemed like a mild case of the flu.

As far as the elite men, Nik Nestoroff would take back-to-back wins with not only Enduro, but also the win in the Downhill category with the fastest time of the day. Nik really enjoyed the race and would gain some confidence out of this going into next week’s race at Bootleg Canyon. Steven Walton, even though he had flu-like symptoms, would keep strong and hot on Nik Nesdtroff‘s heels with a solid podium finish in Downhill, and he would also gain confidence going into the Nevada state championship race which will be held in Boulder City, Nevada.

Nik and “K-Dawg” Kailey Skelton caught up with their friends and fellow racers at Fontana.


Hot off the news press is KHS’s new Junior X rider, Nate Kitchen, who was recently signed to the team just this off-season. Kitchen is definitely an eye-opener to the mountain bike community and will be watched thoroughly throughout the season. Nate would finish a strong third place in his junior category, which was super stacked as usual with some of the best international junior riders you could compete against.

Kailey Skelton took the Pro Women’s downhill event.

“We as a team greatly appreciate everyone’s support family, friends and sponsors who always dedicate and believe in success. We are really pumped that the season has already started and we are in great preparation to continue success throughout the season. We will be seeing everyone next weekend at the Nevada State Championships in Boulder City, Nevada. See you then!”

—Cheers, Logan Binggeli —KHS Team Management

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