Kickstarter: CODEPAK Frame Box

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Some words from the creators:

It is exciting to bring you our first product, the CODEPAK. Designed tested and hand built by us in Anchorage Alaska. When starting AK CODEPAK, we set out to build the premier bike cargo solution. A bike pack that was light, durable, and easy to open. Being a certified aircraft mechanic, Cody combined both his areas of expertise, biking and airplanes into a bike box like nothing else on the market today. Using aerospace materials and proven latch systems. We built a one of a kind, custom fit bike pack.

Having a hard shell is also an advantage over soft packs. The CODEPAK protects your gear, just like having a helmet. Built in two options aluminum and carbon fiber CODEPAKS are hard, but still extremely light. The hard shell of a CODEPAK lets us use proven aerospace latch systems. Meaning that your CODEPAK stays securely shut when it should, but opens with a simple push of a button. Also having a hard frame lets you customize your CODEPAK with stickers, try doing that with your soft packs. Nothing cooler than tagging your box with all your favorite brands and places. You make your pack, yours.

The latch makes a CODEPAK what it is. Aircraft approved, so you know it is extremely reliable. Having a push button latch a CODEPAK is the easiest to open pack you will ever own. No more taking off bulky gloves, or fighting stuck zippers. The latch is designed to make it fast and easy to access all of your belongings.

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