The Kids are Taking Over at Sea Otter 2019

The next generation of riders are ready to shred — keep scrolling to see all the children’s activities and new gear found in Monterey.

The Specialized Riprock Rippers zone offered a pumptrack to get all ages on the dirt.

Come one, come all…

It started with 26″wheels, then 29″, followed by 27.5″ — now everything from 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″ are going off-road.

Style: Some riders are just born with it. Note the “Paw Patrol” disc wheels and gold-flake Pro-Tec.

Tow-Whee were displaying their simple product — a bungee cord inside a climbing rope that can be attached to the saddle of an adult’s bike and a kid’s steerer tube that allows children to be safely towed behind an adult to provide power assistance.

The Sea Otter officiates all Laguna Seca activities.

Big air training with dad.

A daily Easter egg hunt kept things fun.

Specialized’s Riprock Rippers program were giving away free shirts for all the groms…

And free Specialized Rippers hats for future paleontologists.

And a coloring station to groom the talent of future graphic artists.

Teaching color standards (red fill/yellow outline) to any future brand managers.

A sandpit for those not worried about the future, just enjoying the off-bike time in the Riprock Rippers area.

Outside assistance was appreciated and encouraged for young riders on the learn.

All family members were taking in the action.

No pedals? No problem!

Helping hands could be found all around the track.

The Trips for Kids vision is to create a world where kids from all walks of life have the opportunity to know the joy of riding a bike and the freedom to explore the natural world — and we’re on our way to achieving that vision!

Cruising for (ice cream) cones in the infield.

A playful distraction: Fox’s Ready-to-Run RC Truck.

We’re all kids at heart — even downhill racing’s G.O.A.T, Greg Minnaar.

Every range of children’s bike was on display. Starting with balance bikes, like this Early Rider Alley Runner 12.

There were belt-drive bikes on display, like the Early Rider Belter 16.

Trailcraft Cycles had some beautifully-crafted kids bikes on display. The Blue Sky 20 is just one of a complete range of high performance bikes available from the Colorado brand.

Front-suspended bikes, like this Lil’ Shredder Icon.

And full-suspension bikes, like Lil’ Shredder’s Prodigy.

Commencal’s Clash 24 is shred-ready for the junior shredder.

Even used bikes were available. Growing out of a bike is a reality for kids on the literal come up…

Customize your helmet while you wait?

Germany’s Reverse Components offers a range of children’s components — sized-down pedals, stems, handlebars and grips.

ProTaper shared a new handlebar and grip combo that utilizes a sleeve to decrease the grip diameter to accommodate children’s smaller hand size while still using a traditional brake lever.

Prevelo‘s graduated scale of bikes for your pre-graduate as they graduate from bike to bike.


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