August 4-6, 2000

By John Ker

Steve Larsen is still making up for his failure to make the U.S. Olympic team, as he again smoked the competition in his quest to take this year’s NORBA national title. Larsen credited luck with being a key factor in his win this time, however, as he was unable to pass Canadians Ryder Hesjedal and Seamus McGrath until Ryder suffered a mechanical and Seamus got a flat. When Larsen won, Seamus finished just seconds behind him, while Hesjedal took third. Making up for some of the disappointment of losing the long-course event, Hesjedal won the men’s short-track event the next day, .

Australian Mary Grigson and Canadian Chrissy Redden split the wins in the women’s long-track and short-track races, respectively. The two teammates are proving to be almost unbeatable on the U.S. national circuit. NORBA may have to ban foreign riders if we want Americans to win the races in our National Championship Series. Talent knows no borders.


The downhill course at Crystal Mountain was brutal. It was 3.5 miles long and full of dusty chutes, rock drops and plenty of obstacles. It also may be the most physically exhausting track in the past few seasons.
Australians Nathan Rennie and Chris Kovarik took the top two places in the final, with Rennie edging out Kovarik by less than half a second, despite the fact that the winning time was over five minutes long.

Elke Brutsaert shocked no one by winning the women’s downhill. It was her third win in the five-race NORBA series this year, with only Mammoth Mountain, California, remaining. That race, the national finals, will be held next month.


In the dual slalom event Brian Lopes returned to top form again, this time dispatching Australian Wade Bootes in the finals. The women’s finals saw Katrina Miller and Cheri Elliott battle for the top spot. The two split the wins in their double matchup, but Katrina won by way of the clock, with a .2 second differential, to take the gold.

The NORBA series takes a rest now for almost a month, while the World Cup race series finishes up, and the top American riders travel back to Europe for the international events.

Cross-Country Results:
1. Mary Grigson (AUS) in 1:38
2. Chrissy Redden (CAN) at .83 sec.
3. Jimena Florit (ARG) at 1:14
4. Alla Epifanova (RUS) at 1:30
5. Ruthie Matthes (USA) at 1:33

1. Steve Larsen (USA) in 2:05
2. Seamus McGrath (CAN) at :54 sec.
3. Geoff Kabush (CAN) at 2:33
4. Pavel Tcherkassov (RUS) at 3:03
5. Andreas Hestler (CAN) at 3:21

Short-Track Cross-Country:
1. Chrissy Redden (CAN)
2. Alla Epifanova (RUS)
3. Jimena Florit (ARG)
4. Susy Pryde (NZL)
5. Shonny Vanlandingham (USA) at 9:03

1. Ryder Hesjedal (CAN)
2. Seamus McGrath (CAN)
3. Pavel Tcherkassov (RUS)
4. Chris Sheppard (CAN)
5. Geoff Kabush (CAN)

Downhill Results:
1. Elke Brutsaert (USA) in 6:51
2. Missy Giove (USA) at 6.44 sec.
3. Leigh Donovan (USA) at 12.5
4. Danielle Connolly (USA) at 15.93
5. Melissa Buhl (USA) at 17.96

1. Nathan Rennie (AUS) in 5:33
2. Chris Kovarik (AUS) at .45 sec.
3. Nathan Rankin (NZL) at 5.17
4. Colin Bailey (USA) at 7.52
5. Eric Carter (USA) at 11.6

Dual Slalom Results:
1. Katrina Miller (AUS)
2. Cheri Elliott (USA)
3. Elke Brutsaert (USA)
4. Tai-Lee Muxlow (AUS)

1. Brian Lopes (USA)
2. Wade Bootes (AUS)
3. Mike King (USA)
4. Rich Houseman (USA)


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