Late To The Party, Pinarello Makes A Startling Entry

If you are going to show up late to a party, you can try to sneak in and keep a low profile, or you can blast through the front door and yell, “the party is about to begin.” That’s Pinarello’s tact with the introduction of their 29er Dogma XC 9.9.

The new Dogma XC 9.9 has what Pinarello calls the ONDA XC Asymmetric Twin Arms rear triangle. This design separates the seat stays both vertically and laterally in what the Pinner boys feel will dissipate vibrations in?a more uniform way across a larger surface area, giving this frame remarkable comfort for a hardtail without losing responsiveness.

Pinarello says the rear triangle was revisited to improve not only comfort and stability but also braking. Pinarello broke with traditional rear brake placement and moved the mount to the chainstay. Chainstays are more robust tubes in order to keep the frame more reactive and moving the brake to this tube makes for a more efficient and stronger overall construction.

To address the issue of a lowered top tube for better stand over clearance and fork impact, Pinarello developed ForkStopper technology that allows for the use of a more correct geometry but also protects both the frame and components in the event of a fall or crash. The Dogma XC 9.9 offers solutions for cable management and transmission efficiency. Internal cable routing keeps a clean line but also makes for a longer lasting transmission as mud, water and grime are kept away from the cables. An integrated front derailleur mount has also been placed on the asymmetric seat tube. Pinarello has developed a system that offers two routing options on the same frame; one specifically designed for SRAM and the other for Shimano.

News from Italy does not say when we can get our hands on the bike in the States, but Euro riders can experience the Dogma XC first hand at the demo events of Eurobike in Germany , ExpoBici in Padova (Italy) and the EICA trade show in Verona (Italy).

Click here for the Pinarello site.

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