Learning Ninja Skills at Mulberry Gap

Learning Ninja Skills at Mulberry Gap

Ninja-1Ninja Mountain Bike Performance hosted a three-day mountain bike camp at Mulberry Gap in Ellijay, Georgia. This camp was designed to teach traditional intermediate/advanced mountain bike skills and showcase the epic trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is really nothing else like this trail system, and it should be on everyone’s mountain bike bucket list. It includes beautiful scenery, climbs that challenge you and huge tree-lined descents that flow for miles.



Ninja Mountain Bike Performance is a mountain bike skills and fitness coaching company that specializes in training complete athletes. NMBP knows that mountain bike skills and the overall health and fitness of an athlete work in a symbiotic relationship to achieve maximum enjoyment and success in the sport. IMBA-certified skills instructors teach the bike-handling skills needed to keep the rubber side down while navigating technical terrain. USA Cycling-certified coaches help athletes achieve new levels of fitness and assist them in reaching their goals (like climbing that darn hill without your lungs exploding like a bratwurst in the microwave).

Weekend camps like this one in Mulberry Gap teach riders the skills needed to be better mountain bikers and better trail stewards. Topics covered include basics like body position, cornering, braking, technical descents and jumping, as well as focused coaching on how to prevent trail damage by riding in control without skidding.



Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way is in the heart of the designated “mountain bike capital of Georgia.” It’s surrounded by some of the best mountain bike trails in the Southeast. Pinhoti, Bear Creek, Mountaintown Creek, Windy Gap, Tibbs and Milma, as well as the scenic forest service roads that connect trail options, can all be ridden directly from the property. Mulberry Gap also brings the mountain bike community together all under one roof to enjoy one of everyone’s favorite activities—eating. Food is taken seriously here. The crew is more than willing to stuff your belly full of wholesome, family-style goodness in a comfy, couch-filled barn. It’s hard to find elsewhere what Mulberry Gap offers all on site—fast friendships, communing with nature and ripping down trails.



Lead instructors Richard La China and Randy Inglis are both IMBA-certified mountain bike instructors. Richard is a USAC-certified coach and professional mountain bike racer. Ryan Brown is the instructor assistant. There are typically eight camp participants. Kate Gates is the marketing director & events coordinator of Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way.



Without proper skills instruction, it’s easy to reach a plateau in your mountain biking. Ninja Mountain Performance camps and clinics give you a toolbox with the skills necessary to tackle technical trails with flow, confidence and commitment.

Learn where to look and how to position your body to ride smooth, fast and in control. Ninja Mountain Bike Performance progressions will prepare you to ride more technical terrain and handle switchbacks with confidence, ease and efficiency. The skills you’ll learn apply to any terrain, in any location and any condition—be it rocky backcountry trails or your local racecourse.



“The instructors were attentive and always helpful. After learning the fundamental and intermediate skills in the practice area, we hit the trails—and the training didn’t stop! Instructors would get to a technical portion of a trail and have us all stop so they could show us how to use the skills we just learned. The camp was worth every penny. I highly recommend it!”—Vic Dragone

“I’m so glad I made the decision to be part of the Ninja Mulberry Gap three-day camp. Richard and Randy are really skilled at breaking things down—very patient and kind. They were very attentive to what each of us needed individually while maintaining a no-pressure, fun vibe. The place is beautiful, rustic and offers a great opportunity to unplug. I have gained some useful insight about not only being on the bike, but setup and nutrition as well.”—Susan Tully


“I attended the Ninja Mountain Bike Performance Camp at Mulberry Gap with my wife and 20-year-old son. Both are strong and athletic but lacked experience in mountain biking, thus I have always been reluctant to take them on more technical trails. The instructors had them practicing berms, balance beams and drops before hitting the trails where they put those skills to good use. They were clearing technical terrain in no time! After a weekend of training, they improved so impressively that I can’t wait to take them on some of my favorite trails!” —Armando de Armas



“The accommodations at Mulberry Gap Get-A-Way were out of this world! The trails are top quality, too, and incredibly fun to ride and teach on. Between Pinhoti, Bear Creak and the Mulberry Gap skills progression area, we had all the terrain and features we needed to really help everyone take their riding to the next level. We can’t wait to go back!”—Richard La China, lead instructor

“The trail network surrounding Mulberry Gap is broad and, combined with the well- thought-out skills area, provides plenty of opportunities for teaching a wide array of mountain biking skills. I enjoy providing foundational skills, applying and analyzing them during trail sessions, and presenting genuine feedback to prepare camp participants with the necessary tools to navigate diverse terrain.”—Ryan Brown, assistant instructor

“The trails are full of flow, rock, roots, technical switchbacks, drops, challenging accents and fast descents. The riding here was incredible and such a welcome change for me coming from the desert of southern California. I look forward to going back in the spring for our next camp.”—Randy Inglis, lead instructor



“Richard, Randy and Ryan were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. While photographing the event, I was able to witness the instructors’ visual and verbal training techniques, along with challenges that each student overcame when putting those new skills to work. Being a part of their breakthroughs was inspiring. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting the clinic and look forward to future events with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance.”—Kate Gates, marketing director & events coordinator



Join Ninja Mountain Bike Performance for an upcoming mountain bike camp or clinic. They hold over 150 events per year in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and New Zealand. They add new events to their schedule monthly. Learn more about upcoming events at www.ridelikeaninja.com.


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