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Above: Leatt Airflex Body Protector, front left.

Durban (RSA), June 9th, 2022 – Introducing Leatt’s new 2022 MTB Airflex Chest & Body Protection range.

Slim, ventilated, and comfortable chest and body protection are available in a range of male- and female-specific models.

Leatt’s Airflex body protection is an evolution of our successful limb protection and represents a new way of thinking about this.

Above: Leatt Airflex Woman’s Body Protector, front right.

The Airflex Body Protector is designed to have a hybrid design, which allows the rider to modulate
the level of protection depending on the type of riding. We have moved away from traditional
protection, which is usually more bulky and restrictive, and have made it for modern riders who look
for more streamlined and lightweight protection; thus, no excuse not to wear protection even on
those relaxed rides due to the new comfortable Airflex gel protector. The 3D design of Airflex gel
allows the padding to be extremely slim and ventilated – often more so than impact foams, while
still being impact tested and CE Certified level 1. The MTB Airflex Body Protector will give you the
confidence and comfort you need to ride at your best.

Above: The Leatt Woman’s Airflex Chest Protector, front left.

This range can be integrated with Leatt’s neck brace using the strapless Brace On system for that
extra peace of mind. The Airflex protector is universal, comfortable, and is what modern riders look
for in additional protection. Let’s look at what’s in the 2022 Airflex protection range.

Airflex Body Protector and Airflex Chest Protector
The 2022 Airflex body protector is an all-new slim, lightweight body protector designed to keep you
comfortable and safe while out riding your favorite MTB trails. A low-profile chest and back
protector with Airflex gel armor provides torso coverage, while the separate zip-up compression
sock includes Airflex impact protectors on the elbows and shoulders. The chest and back protector
floats independently of the compression sock, allowing for much less restricted movement during a
ride. The chest and back protector can be bought with or without the compression sock, depending

on the level of protection required. Both body and chest protectors are available in male sizing from
S to XXL (160cm-196cm), providing the ideal fit.

Women’s Airflex Body Protector and Women’s Airflex Chest Protector:
The women’s Airflex body and chest protectors have the same level of protection, comfort, and
features as the male versions above. The specific difference is that the low-profile ventilated impact
protector offers improved construction for the female form, allowing for better movement and
comfort. It includes an adjustable side strap system under the arms to provide a tailored fit
depending on individual chest sizing. The chest and back protector floats on the shoulders,
unrestrictive to the rider. Like the Men’s, the Women’s Airflex Body Protector can also be purchased
with a compression sock for added shoulder and elbow protection or a stand-alone chest protector.
Both body and chest protectors are available in female-specific sizes from XXS – L (148cm – 178cm).
The Airflex body protection range represents a new way of ensuring ultimate safety, ventilation, and
comfort for both male and female riders while offering them the best protection on the
market—one product for all types of riding. So, get protected, gear up, and get ready to shred the

Visit www.leatt.com or your local dealer to see the new range of protectors.

For further information about the Airflex-range click: www.leatt.com

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