Leatt partners With Crankworx World Tour As Official Protection Partner

Leatt partners With Crankworx World Tour As Official

Protection Partner

By Leatt

What do you get when you combine a pro rider and an orthopedic surgeon? A unique combination that, when combined with innovative ideas and a passion for sport, has the potential to change the game at its core. Add the biggest MTB world tour and a scientific orientated brand to the mix and you get something can really impact safety at events and rider protection awareness. Leatt sponsored rider, Tomas Lemoine is one athlete who’s been working with Dr. Speirits consistently at Crankworx events the past two years.

Euan has noticed some distinct changes since his first time at Crankworx.

“I actually started off with Crankworx as an athlete believe it or not! Whilst competing and talking with riders, it became clear that everyone is taking their professional health and wellbeing far more seriously these days which is a fantastic advancement for the sport. Your average rider is more clued up on the risks of concussion and repeated injuries now. After a lot of time asking riders exactly what they would want, the lovely folks at Crankworx took a leap and helped me set up a role as the gravity industry’s first dedicated athlete physician at Crankworx Whistler in 2019.” – Dr Euan Speirits

Euan will have an advantage with the support of Leatt helping broaden the message of safety for the mountain bike community.

“I’ll be looking to solidify the work I started…giving riders true continuity of care at all events throughout the year. This allows us to really make significant inroads and learn from more than just a snapshot of one or two events. We’ll be looking at everything about riders’ wellbeing so they can compete safely and truly push the limits of the sport. I’m hoping this trajectory continues and we see gravity riders getting the care levels found elsewhere in the cycling industry. It’s a natural progression and I believe we’ll get there eventually.” – Dr Euan Speirits

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