Take a look at some of the things that Leatt's got planned for 2022

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, 28th October 2021 – Leatt announced the launch of an all-new Leatt Natural range of apparel and replacement of all plastic packaging with biodegradable, plastic-free packaging on its entire range of Moto and MTB products.

After over 16 years since the creation of the Leatt neck brace, the South African brand known for problem-solving and innovation is taking strides to #SaveOurPlanet. For years, scientists and ecologists have warned about the effects of climate change and industrial pollution. While change cannot be done overnight, 2022 is another milestone year for Leatt as it introduces biodegradable, plastic-free packaging with soy inks on its entire 2022 range of Moto and MTB products. In addition to plastic-free packaging the all-new Leatt Natural Range is released, featuring the brand’s first sustainably sourced products. 

The new Challenge: Leatt NATURAL Range

The all-new Leatt Natural range is the beginning of an entirely new journey. Leatt Natural range apparel is made from Eco-Friendly fabrics which are responsibly sourced. The material is more durable so the garment can be used for longer periods and requires less washing due to anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties. The production of these products also requires less water than cotton or polyester. To finish it all off, the product is placed in plastic-free packaging and delivered using consolidated shipping. From source to shop in a responsible fashion.  These are products that environmentally conscious consumers can purchase, knowing that the garment is responsible sourced, produced and packaged. 

High-performance Apparel

In the Leatt Natural range, consumers will discover two new materials – the first, TENCEL™ Produced from excess tree pulp, TENCEL™ is a very high-performance material that offers unmatched comfort and temperature control. TENCEL™ is very soft on the skin and delivers supreme comfort. 

The second is Yarn. Our yarn is produced from recycled coffee grounds. Yes! Coffee grounds! The Yarn jerseys come in two options: WarmYarn is a fast-drying, odor-controlled fabric that will keep you warm on chilly rides. While IceYarn is a breathable fabric, cool to the touch offering low-speed temperature control, leaving the laser-cut ventilation to handle high-speed cooling. 


The never-ending challenge

A brand’s journey needs to begin somewhere and Leatt is fully aware it has a long way to go as it continues to adopt new technologies and change the way products are sourced, produced and delivered. In fact, this challenge will probably never end, the goalposts are constantly moving and progressing but finding solutions is in Leatt’s DNA and it will continue to take steps to ensure Leatt products have a lesser effect on our planet. One company’s effort won’t be enough. We need to join together in this effort. We need, All Hands In!










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