Leatt celebrates spring with the release of the Woody color way on select items


Introducing Leatt’s new spring wear MTB collection, which draws inspiration from throwback styles. This exciting lineup features a range of essential items including a jersey, helmet, gloves, and goggles, allowing you to curate your ideal look. Whether you prefer mixing and matching or going all out with the complete ensemble, Leatt has you covered for the season’s start. Discover the perfect pieces to enhance your riding experience and embrace the nostalgic vibes of this collection.

Jersey MTB Gravity 3.0 Woody – $69.99 

Celebrate the spirit of nature with their latest collection, affectionately named “Woody,” designed specifically for riders seeking a stylish gear upgrade. The lightweight jersey, crafted from FastDry fabric, guarantees optimal breathability and moisture-wicking properties during your trail adventures. Inspired by nostalgic kicker ramps, this jersey boasts an effortlessly cool design that sets it apart as a standout choice among bike shop selections. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with this must-have addition to your riding wardrobe.

Helmet MTB Gravity 2.0 V23 Woody – $149.99

The collection’s limited Gravity 2.0 helmet features the same stylish wooden finish, combined with the latest safety tech to keep you protected during your ride. With 360° Turbine Technology and a comfortable, secure fit, this helmet is exactly what you need in sketchy situations!

Glove MTB 1.0 GripR Woody – $32.99

No mountain bike adventure is complete without a reliable pair of gloves, and Leatt’s spring wear collection has you covered. The gloves offer excellent grip and control thanks to the MicronGrip palm, and breathable materials keep your hands feeling comfortable and cool. The design perfectly matches the rest of the collection, ensuring a cohesive, stylish look.

Goggle Velocity 5.0 MTB Iriz – $99.99

Finally, the collection includes a pair of sleek goggles with the trademark wooden look. These high-performance goggles offer superior vision clarity and a wide field of view. As with any pair of Leatt goggles, they feature a bulletproof lens, complete with anti-fog to ensure that you’ll always have a clear view of the trail ahead.

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