An enduro-ready women's bike.





Liv has just released the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro series, their most versatile and capable long-travel trail bike yet. The series includes three models that feature Liv’s high-performance and lightweight Advanced-Grade Composite frameset. The frameset is upgraded with a slacker head tube angle for confident riding on technical terrain and a longer reach to keep riders centered and in control.

All models in the series come equipped with 160mm of front suspension and 150mm in the rear, the most travel offered in the Liv lineup. Liv says that the suspension is custom-tuned for women, by women, providing optimal performance for the rider.



The new flip chip – Maestro 3, enables riders to change the head tube angle, seat tube angle, and bottom bracket height to high, mid, or low settings depending on the terrain and wheel configuration. This feature allows riders to adjust the bike’s geometry and provides a customizable riding experience.



In addition to the flip chip, the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro series also features an integrated storage system built directly into the down tube of the frame, providing additional space for snacks and essential tools.


Rae Morrison during round 1 of the EDR World Cup Enduro series, Maydena, Tasmania, Australia.


Liv Racing Collective athlete Rae Morrison recently won the 2023 New Zealand Enduro MTB National Championship on the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0. She praised the bike’s performance on technical terrain and its ability to excel in open flow, jumps, and drops. “The bike showed no weaknesses,” she says. “It was super fast in the gnarly, techy section and then it excelled in the open flow, jumps, and drops. Besides being crazy light and powerful, a really cool feature was the flip chip [Maestro 3] which let me adjust the geometry to suit the trail conditions. I raced in the mid position because I wanted smooth descending and ascending ability, but I can put it into the low position for a more relaxed geometry for the bikepark or in the high position for steep, angled climbs.”


The Intrigue LT Advanced Pro series will be available this summer in sizes XS, S, M, and L. Frame sizes XS and S feature a mixed-wheel configuration, with a 29-inch wheel up front and a 27.5-inch wheel in the rear. Frame sizes M and L come with 29-inch wheels up front and in the rear but are also compatible with a mixed-wheel configuration. Pricing ranges from $12,500 for the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 to $7,000 for the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 1. For more information, visit Liv’s website at


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