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Bike Skills Parks Proposal for Loma Alta Park in Altadena, CA

The ~ADENA Bike Park Collective is comprised and driven by residents of and visitors to the Altadena area. We believe a multi benefit Altadena bike skills park would be a tremendous asset to both the local community and the neighboring Angeles National Forest. Recently, it has come to our attention that an area of the Loma Alta Park may present a great opportunity to develop a Bike Skills Park and open a new resource for all ages of our community.

A Multi-Benefit Bike Skills Park

“Bike Skills Parks” or “Bike Parks” are community facilities where cyclists of all ages and skill levels can ride their bikes in a controlled, fun, challenging and safe place. Similar in concept to a skate park, Bike Parks have broader outreach and lower construction costs. Bike Skills Parks include man-made features that help cyclists improve their skills and fitness. They usually include a mix of natural surface (dirt and/or rock) and constructed features (typically wooden), in addition to trails and other facilities like picnic areas. Integrating Rain Water Capture and Native Plantings in between bike trails can both enhance the park and provide educational opportunities.

Benefits of a Loma Alta Bike Park

Community Bike Parks continue to grow in popularity across the country and within Southern California. Orange County Parks is currently working on a 10 acre Bike Facility at Craig Park. Bike Parks have been approved in 3 LA County Master Trail Plans. Altadena has a strong cycling community and Loma Alta Park is a perfect place to build the first one. Bike Parks benefit communities in multiple ways:

  • Bike Parks encourage participation in outdoor recreation, with all the benefits of promoting health, fitness, and an active lifestyle.
  • People of all ages and skill levels can ride their bike in a safe and exciting environment.
  • Trail Courtesy can be taught within a Bike Park. This educational opportunity can help reduce user conflict on local trails in LA County and the Angeles National Forest.
  • Native Plantings and Rain Water Capture can compliment and support Loma Alta Park’s adjacent Angeles National Forest.
  • Combining recreation, education on native plants and animals, and sustainable water capture is a positive design for both the community and the environment.
  • The multi use Altadena Crest Trail runs along the proposed lot and an underutilized parking lot sits below the site with bathrooms and other exiting park facilities nearby. (see map below)

  • Younger riders will have a great place to go after school and the Bike Park could be utilized for special programming.
  • Learning safe skills in a Bike Park applies to local streets as well as the neighboring Angeles National Forest, potentially reducing emergency responses from the LA County Sheriff Dept.
  • The SoCal High School Cycling League is growing rapidly in LA County and this park would be a great asset to existing local student programs at Aveson Charter School, Crescenta Valley High School, St. Francis High School, and La Canada High School.
  • The availability of bike park facilities can reduce the occurrence of illegal trail building and trail modifications in nearby open spaces.
  • Bike parks become a regional attraction bringing new visitors to Loma Alta Park and encouraging exploration of the neighboring Angeles National Forest.
  • Beginner & Toddler Pump Track: This is a small rollable track that is meant for beginner use with push bikes. This promotes a very family friendly environment.
  • Progressive Pump Tracks: Pump tracks are rollable tracks that can be looped, and is a very healthy exercise. The rider uses their upper and lower body movements to gain momentum, as they ‘pump’ through the track as smoothly as possible. We propose having three courses: Beginner, intermediate and expert.
  • Progressive Dirt Jumps & Bike Skills Features: Dirt jumps allow the bicyclists to take flight by launching themselves from earthen mounds or constructed features. Dirt jumps typically have several parallel alignments to accommodate beginners through expert riders. Bike skils features such as ladder bridges, rock gardens and log features would allow beginner riders to acclimate to trail conditions typically found in the adjacent Angeles National Forest. We propose to have multiple dirt jump courses: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, Pro.

  • Water Capture & Native Planting: The flow trails can be built with correct drainage that promotes on site water capture and retention. Native plantings could reflect the adjacent Angeles National Forest and provide educational opportunity through plant labels and signage.
  • Picnic & Community Area: The lower section of the plot would lend itself to a gathering area for cyclists. Having picnic tables and shade at the bottom of the park would help reduce sound and impact to neighboring homes.

Hours of Use and Maintenance

Being open daily from dusk to dawn would be ideal for an outdoor bike park. A dirt bike park requires scheduled maintenance to reduce risk and sustain usability. There are a few different ways to structure a maintenance plan. One being a County operated park with scheduled inspections. Another being community operated, in which committed volunteers would help with maintenance needs. Regular inspections could take place by the parks board members and there could be semi-annual maintenance days, where enthusiastic volunteers dedicate their time.

Community Support

Our community believes a bike skills park would be a great addition to the Altadena park system and fill a gap in available bicycling opportunities for youth. Attached are multiple letters of support from Altadena residents, regular visitors to LA County Parks, Altadena Town Council Representatives and local groups like ActiveSGV, Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association and the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association.

We would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the possibility of a Bike Skills Park at the Loma Alta Park in Altadena. We look forward to working with LA County on this possibility for community development. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Erik Hillard

~ADENA Bike Park Collective adenabikepark@gmail.com

Click Here to Download a Sample Letter to the LA County Parks and Recreation Department


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