The Mammoth Kamikaze: Mountain Bikers vs. The Volcano

The story behind one of the world's top downhill events
UNPAVED – an adventure travel show through the lens of extreme sports! Follow host Kevin Alves while he explores the path less traveled. This episode, Kevin takes us to the edge with his first love, mountain biking. Join Kevin as he explores the iconic and infamous ‘Kamikaze’ downhill mountain bike race on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain. Buckle your helmets – its going to be a bumpy ride! The Kamikaze was one of the first downhill mountain bike races on a ski slope.  The best of the best made a name for themselves careening down this volcano at over 58 mph!  Kevin meets with Kamikaze legend, ‘Insane’ Wayne Croasdale, to train for his own attempt down the mountain. While there, he explores what makes this area such a unique place on the map. Let’s go UNPAVED! Subscribe to the channel for the sequel to this incredible story!
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