Are you ready to take the challenge. Here is how the Man-o-meter works. Email us your most “manly” or “womanly” mountain bike stories and we will sit around and choose a few to post to this page. For example………..You fixed five flats in less than two hours while singing the National Anthem and wearing full camo-gear…..Or, you rode a century on a single-speed, ate a triple-burger and then rode fifty miles home while listening to Enya. You will get positive ratings for the riding but dings for the musical choice. Get it? Good Luck. Ps. (this is just for fun so don’t write us and tell us that you’ve never heard of John Travolta).
E-mail your story here!


This Weeks PeWee Herman
Matt[Wags6000] wrote:
Well, I was going downhill. I flipped my bike over 28 times with me on it and
finished out the day with only a twisted knee. Then,I changed my fork four times the next day and sprung four back springs and cracked two rear shocks
and I am only 13.

Mano-Meter Commentary
Dear Matt. You recieve the PeWee Herman award. Know that you are the first to score that low on the scale. At 13, you shouldn’t be flipping your bike 28 times and “cracking” rear shocks. Mano-Meter tip: Drink Ovaltine, watch cartoons, read a book and go for a nice mellow ride.

This Weeks Lloyd Bridges
jayce lagrave[[email protected]] wrote:
A few years ago me and a couple of friends were out riding some trails,
when we came up on an old dirt road that lead back into town (Raymertown,
New York). We decided to take the road into town The dirt road is a series
of up and down grades .it also has a 65%downhill grade toward the end of the
road. You can get some serious speed coming down. That day was one to
remember. We started down the hill. I was riding just ahead about a car
length. At that point, two dog’s run out into the road! The only thing I could do was hit the brake’s and hope
for the best. Well, luck wasn’t on my side that day. I hit the second dog
which made me go over the handlebars. Ouch. By the time I stopped
skidding down the road in much pain, the bike stopped right on top of me.
Talk about adding insult to injury! By the way, my friend behind me also
crashed, but a little more gracefully than me . My friends came to help me, laughting their heads off. The worst part was I still had to carry my bike home about five miles or so with two broken finger’s and a whole lot of road rash, blood and stones that needed to be removed. I fixed my wounds and my bike and we went riding the next day.

Mano-Meter Commentary
Jayce, we liked the story. Were they big dogs? You won the Lloyd Bridges status because there were animals involved and you had to walk out five miles in a wounded condition. Watch out for dogs!


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