March 2015

Spencer Rathkamp shreds the moto-inspired KTM Scarp Prestige 27.5-inch test bike, and Specialized gives us a chance to test their newest Enduro race bike. Photos by John “Darkness is not a problem for a man with three flashes” Ker.


KTM Scarp Prestige
An Austrian speed machine
Domahidy Titanium
Master craftsmanship at its finest
Specialized S-Works Enduro 27.5-Inch
X-Wing fighter for enduro racing
Surly Krampus
Big wheels and tires for big adventures
GT Helion Carbon Pro
Making cross-country riding fun again


Hidden Trails
Friend or foe?
Ibis’ New Long-Travel Machine
The HD3 is finally unveiled
The Story Behind Foes Racing
Going from custom to production without losing the magic
The Suspension Rider’s Guide
The right bike is more than just a number


Renthal Fatbar and Apex stem
Moto-inspired cockpit control
Bell Super 2R Enduro Helmet
Finally, a truly enduro-specific lid
Bontrager Flash Charger TLR Pump
Making tubeless tires easier to seat
Onza Ibex Tires
No porcupines, only traction
RockShox Monarch Plus Debonair
Improvements on an already sweet shock
Sony HDR-AS100V Camera
Stable video and photos for your head


Events Calendar for 2015
Book your tickets now!


Inside the Pros’ Bikes
Stephen Ettinger’s Cannondale Scalpel
Garage Files
How to adjust a stubborn pair of brakes


 For What It’s Wirth
I miss my old bike
Hard Tales
Cold-weather riding and the hardest trail we’ve ever seen
Someone wasn’t prepared for the ride
Trail Mix
Riding with the pups
Your tough questions, our straight answers
How To Subscribe
MBA delivered to your doorstep or inbox
Camera mounts, possum socks, cool tools and more
Down The Trail
Remembering elastomer suspension