Marine Cabirou Wins Overall World Cup Title!

Marine Cabirou Wins Overall World Cup Title!

By Scott Sports

Before we could say the words “World Cup,” the circuit was back on track, this time in Lousa, Portugal. Coming off a successful double-race weekend in Maribor just prior, the SCOTT DH Factory Team was up for another couple days of action-packed DH racing. With Brendan Fairclough racing his first races of the year, Flo Payet getting up to speed and Marine Cabirou successfully setting her goals on the 2020 overall title, we were in for one hell of a weekend.

Spoiler Alert – Marine Cabirou is the fastest woman on earth, and your 2020 World Cup DH Champion.



Lousa Race #1 – Cabirou In Contention

Race day was here before we knew it! With Marine safely qualifying near the pointy end, and Flo and Brendan in the top 25, everyone was set for a good day of racing! With the ladies first up, it was time for then World Number 1 Marine Cabirou to firmly put her grasp on the overall title – however, it wouldn’t be so easy. While Marine put in a solid run, no one would be able to match fellow French-woman Myriam Nicole, who would end up taking the win and the series lead. Marine, finishing in second, would still be in touch for race two – more to come.

For the boys, Brendan Fairclough came down the hill first in what would be his first race run of the year. After a solid time in qualifying, he gave it a good go, but one mistake would keep him from cracking the top 20, finishing in 28th.

Flo Payet wouldn’t fare so well. A mechanical in his run led to a big OTB that would see Flo finish in the hospital with a collapsed lung. We’re happy to report that while Flo is in some pain, he is doing well, and will soon be heading home to La Réunion to heal up and get fit and strong for next season. Our thoughts are with you, Sanka Man!


Lousa Race #2 – Marine Cabirou Wins Overall World Cup Title!

After race one, it was straight to qualifying the next day on a slightly modified track. With the World Cup Overall title in her sights, this time Marine Cabirou was a bit more on the gas in Qualifying, finishing second to Tahnee Seagrave. Brendan Fairclough would again come down the hill with a solid qualifying time, finishing mid-twenties and ready to rip in the finals.




As soon as Marine Cabirou left the start gate, we knew that we were in for something special. With split after split coming up green, Marine was giving it everything she had coming down the track. When she got to the last sprint section, she was pushing hard, showing the world that Marine Cabirou is here to stay. The message was well-received. Marine crossed the line ahead of German Champion Nina Hoffmann, claiming not only victory on the day, but her first World Cup DH Overall Title.

Brendan Fairclough would, unfortunately, suffer a rear flat in the final, but is as hungry as ever for racing next season.

“I’m having a tough time realizing that I’m the 2020 World Cup Champion! In the race, I decided not to think about the overall, and just focused on taking the win. I just rode my bike hard, the only way I know! I gave it everything I had, and when I saw green crossing the finish line, the emotions were huge!”

Marine Cabirou
2020 World Cup DH Champion
SCOTT DH Factory






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We just want to remind you once more, in case you’ve forgotten, that Marine Cabirou is faster than you. Watch the video below!

Imagery: Sven Martin

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