Cross-country tires are known for having a minimalist design to ensure the maximum amount of speed and efficiency. From tread patterns, casing thicknesses and rubber compounds, there is very little that a Maxxis tire design overlooks when creating their next podium slayer. Maxxis has been in the tire business for quite some time and knows their way around a set of wheels. They have designed some of the best tires on the trail and have been helping riders find glory aboard their fast tires.

Pin it: The Maxxis Pace is a fast-rolling tread leaning hard towards aggressive cross-country racers. Maxxis designed the Pace with a minimal tread pattern that is focused on simply going fast.

Tech info:

Like most XC race tires, the Pace was designed to maintain maximum traction while having as minimal a tread pattern as possible. The Pace uses continuous side knobs for a little extra grip in the corners and a high-volume carcass.

The overall tread pattern is minimal, but reinforced in the sense that there are very few gaps between knobs, giving the tire extra grip. This tire is available in 26-, 27.5- and 29-inch options, along with three different casings. Our set of test tires were tubeless-ready with the better EXO casing that is a little more reinforced. These tires retail for $65 and have a weight of 653 grams.

On the trail:

We mounted these tires up to a set of SRAM Roam 50 wheels, and installation was pretty easy. The tires seated at about 30 psi and didn’t give us any struggles getting the bead to sit evenly. We started our tire pressures at 35 in the rear and 33 up front, but quickly dropped the pressure after our first ride. Our testers settled in the mid to high 20s for the duration of our testing.

First impressions were positive; the Pace is a seriously fast tire. We noticed right away the minimal rolling resistance and the easier effort to keep the wheels moving. With the right pressure, the rear tire gripped well during steep, hard climbs and didn’t yield any unnecessary spin-outs. We spent most of our time testing on loose or hardpack terrain and felt confident with the traction.

The Pace is fast and light, but does require a little more attention when the bike is pointed downhill. We didn’t find quite as much confidence in corners as we would have liked, but were able to accelerate quickly out of corners.


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