MAY 2017

The Mondraker Foxy XR is an enduro bike that started a geometry revolution. The Turner Flux and Giant Anthem are lightweight XC bikes with trailbike chops that can ride nearly any trail. Photos by John “the MTB paparazzi” Ker.


  • Giant Anthem Advanced 0
    XC racing to trail shredding
  • Turner Flux Carbon
    Don’t stop, Dave
  • Mondraker Foxy Carbon XR
    The bike that started a geometry revolution
  • Kona Hei Hei Trail DL
    Make mountain biking fun again


  • Ten Things Your Bike Hates About You
    Take better care of your machine
  • Hans Rey and Danny MacAskill Ride Mount Kilimanjaro
    The adventure of a lifetime
  • How to Ride With a Busy Life
    Ride more with less stress


  • 110    Garage Files
    The things even the best mechanics might miss


  • How to Ride in Muddy Conditions
    And when to skip the ride altogether