MBA Product Test: Bell Super Air Helmet

Bell Super Air Helmet

As a leading innovator in helmet technology, Bell strives to make the most functional, stylish and safe helmets on the planet. From motorsports to cycling, Bell sells products for a wide range of action sports. The all-new Super Air helmet is the newest creation from Bell, offering optional full-face protection, as well as advanced safety technology while in half-shell mode. The wrecking crew headed out this month to see what Bell’s newest lid had to offer.

Tech features:

The Super Air helmet is sold in two different versions: the R model, featuring a removable chin bar, and the model you see here. Bell’s Super Air R sells for $275, while the half-shell option saves you $50. With that said, should you want to purchase a removable chin bar down the road, it will cost you $75. If you think you may want a chin bar, purchase it upfront and save yourself some money; otherwise, rock the half-shell lid and save money that way.

Moving on to safety features, Bell created a system called Flex Spherical, plus MIPS. Instead of using a MIPS liner with some comfort padding stuck in between the liner and the shell, Bell took this helmet a step further by allowing the EPS liner to act as a ball-in socket. It’s sort of like wearing two helmets inside one shell. This technology is said to help prevent head Injuries during high- or low-speed impacts and rotations. Additional features include a visor with detents, a break-away accessory mount, an internal sweat-guide pad and ample ventilation ports.

Field test results:

Bell offers the Super Air in three sizes and seven color options to ensure the right fit and style for every rider. Our test rider found the fit was spot-on and easy to dial in, thanks to the Float Fit system. The helmet has a bit of a loose feel, even though it’s tight on your head due to the secondary shell; however, this wasn’t viewed as a negative, since it helped prove the effectiveness of the advanced MIPS design. The visor offers sturdy clicks to adjust it between settings and can be easily pushed out of the way for an improved field of view or pulled down to better shade the rider’s face. The Super Air ventilates quite well when you are riding at a good pace and relies on the sweat guide pad to redirect sweat during long, slow climbs. All in all, Bell brings an excellent helmet to the table that weighs a competitive 415 grams and offers advanced safety in a well-ventilated package. The only negative is the steep price compared to other helmets on the market; however, you get what you pay for. And when it comes to your head, you should be willing to pay a premium. Price: $225




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