MBA Product Test: Jaybird Vista Wireless Headphones

Jaybird Vista Wireless Headphones

Sometimes, what we love about mountain biking is the tranquility of the mountains—the sound of birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees. Other times, we just want to go fast. To get us pumped up for the latter occasions, the right playlist is key. Now, any time we talk about headphones, we have to drop a disclaimer about being a responsible trail user. If your music is drowning out the sounds of other riders, it’s probably too loud. Music, however, is a great tool to help you find flow on the trails and can create an adrenaline-filled experience.

This month the wrecking crew got in touch with Jaybird, a company that specializes in wireless headphones for athletes. The company’s new Vista headphones are their premium product designed to be as ergonomic as possible, allowing athletes to focus on their sport as opposed to their earbuds.

Tech features: The two wireless earbuds come in a small carrying case that doubles as a portable charger. A downloadable smartphone app allows you to custom-tune the audio by taking a quick hearing test. Furthermore, Jaybird made sure to build the Vistas tough enough to handle whatever a mountain biker might throw at them. They’re not only water and sweat proof but also sealed, preventing dust, dirt and grit from getting in. The earbuds come with three adaptable sizes to best fit your ears, and should one of them fall out, the smartphone app offers a “find my buds” feature.

Field test results: As soon as we pulled the earbuds out of their magnetic case, they were paired to our phone and ready to play music. A voice alert tells you that the headphones are paired; however, on most occasions, the alert went off before we even placed the buds in our ears. The charging case is a standout feature of this product. There’s no need to plug these headphones in after every ride. Just leave them in the case and they will be ready to go when you are. With that said, you do need to remember to charge the case every now and again.

On the trail, the Vista earbuds performed well, offering great sound quality, and managed to stay in our ears during jumps, rock gardens and fast turns. Our only complaint was that the headphones tended to cancel out surrounding noise, hindering our awareness of other trail users. If you choose to ride with headphones, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pair. Just make sure to keep your volume low or run a single earbud when riding busy trail networks.


  • Small, compact headphones that are completely cable-free
  • The carrying case keeps the headphones charged and ready for use


  • Hard to hear surrounding noises or other trail users

Star Rating


Price: $179.99


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