MBA Product Test: Tioga EDGE-22 Tire

Tioga EDGE-22 Tire

Tioga has been in business for as long as we can remember. This company was big in the mountain bike scene many years ago, then unfortunately faded away. It continued to excel in the BMX industry, making top-of-the-line products. Now Tioga is introducing the Edge-22, a front-specific tire designed for instant cornering-edge engagement and double the cornering bite. We believe this could be Tioga’s best chance for a comeback.

Tech features: When you think of a quality tire, what comes to mind? We are sure there are a few thoughts on speed dial about what an all-around good tire is capable of. Tioga claims it has made a grade A tire for riders to enjoy. Unlike current tire designs, the Edge has a tread pattern that grabs early in the corners and keeps holding over a broader range of lean angles. This design retains the familiar side knob placement but realigns the middle tread to create the necessary spacing to add accessible cornering edges in the center that work together with the sides to amplify cornering grip. If you are brake happy, worry no more. The shape and positioning of the Edge-22 knobs provide plenty of power to reign in control. The two rows of central knobs align within the tire’s contact patch, where plenty of accessible braking edges are ready to slow you down. In addition, the leading-edge ramp on each knob enhances rolling smoothness. During braking, the ramps shift to reinforce each knob, preventing the knobs from bucking under load for precise and reliable braking performance. The Edge comes in both 27.5-and 29-inch versions with a 2.5-inch width. Two different casing options are available: Magnum120 and FlexGrid60. The only difference between the two is that the Magnum120 lacks sidewall protection and weighs 80 grams less. Each tire sells for $65.

Field test results: We tested the Magnum120 casing. The tire compound for this casing was softer than expected. We knew the tread pattern was capable of punishing every corner, and it did. The Edge-22 did exactly what it was created for. After shredding through a few corners, we were convinced every turn was going to be the same. Every corner we rode, no matter how leaned into it we happened to be, the tire provided the utmost confidence. If you are looking for a front specific tire that’s trustworthy in corners, the Tioga Edge-22 is the tire for you.

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