It is possibly one of the worst feelings too look down and see that you have broken off the tabs on your Garmin GPS.  This is something that occurs more often than you think and can be incredibly expensive to fix or replace.  Dog Ears has created a simple solution for those who have broken Garmin tabs.


Dog Ears created an aluminum mounting plate that fits over the broken tabs and creates new tabs (or ears) that will engage and hold in the quarter turn mount of your choosing.  For installation Dog Ears recommends Loctite 425 to go with the two small screws that they provide with the cover. The key to getting the right fit was the file away some of the old pieces of the broken tabs to create a smooth surface for the cover to fit on.  Next we cleaned the surface and applied the Loctite and screwed on the cover.  Dog Ears did make a video showing the installation process and gives good instructions.  Dog Ears claims that there aluminum tabs are eight times stronger than the original Garmin tabs.


We were a little curious as to whether or not the cover would stay on the Garmin through rough riding and continuous use.  So far we have no complaints.  The Garmin twists in and out easily and fits snugly into the mount.  The screws worked well and were reinforced with the generous amount of Loctite we applied during installation.  We haven’t noticed any issues of the screw losing their hold or the Loctite wearing.  Dog Ears has been producing these covers in only black, but is now offering them in a blue finish as well.


At a mere $19.99 on the Dog Ears website you can have your broken Garmin fixed pretty quickly and affordably.  Even if you haven’t broken your Garmin tabs, it could be good to get one just in case.

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