Review: Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand

Feedback Sports makes a variety of storage and repair solutions that are designed to solve multiple needs with a single product solution. They create solid, yet lightweight, products that find a place in our garage bike shops, yet don’t feel out of place in our on-the-go mobile setup. Although, that doesn’t mean we weren’t nervous about the idea of a one-armed truing stand, the Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand.

We started out by adjusting the rubber bumpers on the underside of the steel base plate to eliminate any wobble in the stand. It’s difficult to tell if there’s inconsistency in the plate or thickness of the rubber bumpers under the plate, but it was simple to adjust either way. The spring tip indicator was easily adjustable with a comfortable knob that allowed for minute changes in the location of the indicator. One of the biggest pluses of the spring tip is that it doesn’t damage any decals on the rim. Additionally, it allows truing to include more visual focus rather than the audible focus often used for minute adjustments. No more, “Turn of the music for a second!” in the bike shop.

Typically, a rotor truing guide or slot would be on add-on accessory that would require an additional purchase. Fortunately, the disc rotor truing slot is included with the stand and is extremely easy to use. It mimics the space available between brake pads while actually in the caliper. This way, you can center it in the slot and see exactly which way the rotor is deviating from. We made sure to clamp each wheel with the rotor side closest to the stand and therefore made double-checking our rotors simple with a quick 30 seconds at the end of each wheel truing.

While Feedback Sports claims the Pro Truing Stand is compatible with 29-inch wheels, without taking the tire of the rim, they’re actually selling themselves a little short. We were able to true a set of mounted 29+” (specifically 29×3″) tires, without any restrictions. All the while, the stand felt sturdy while the massive tire spun away. Similar to using a Lefty fork, it simply took a little time to get used to looking past the single attachment point. As seen below, we were even able to use it with a Knard 29 x 3″ tire, with a little room to spare.

Axles with quick release skewers clamp to the stand without a problem, while the included 12 and 15mm thru-axle adapters made it simple to clamp nearly any wheel without a fuss. Feedback Sports does make a 20mm thru-axle adapter, but unfortunately it isn’t included with the stand. We understand it is the least common of the four axle standards, but it would still be nice to have all the adapters on hand. With downhill wheelsets, which typically have 20 millimeter thru-axles, arguably taking the biggest beatings, they shouldn’t be left out of the truing regiment. On the bright side, leaving it out probably saves $5-10 on purchase price.

The black plate, to which the truing arm attaches to, can be detached from the chrome base plate and bolted to any bench, or wall, using four bolts. When utilizing the chrome base plate, it doesn’t have the same stability (though close to it) as a bolt-down stand, but has the advantage of being mobile. Take your pick!

One of the best features of the stand is the ability to be detached from the base plate and mounted on Feedback Sports’ repair stands (not included) in a few simple seconds. This not only enables it to be placed at an optimal height, but the 360 degree adjustment around the stand also enables it to be used while a bike is on the stand.

Overall, the $100 Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand delivers an incredible all-in-one package. The integration of a disc rotor truing slot and the included 12 and 15 millimeter thru-axle adapters are items in which we would normally expect to pay additional for, yet were pleased to find them included. The chrome base plate provides mobility and ease of transporting that make it excellent for mobile mechanics or those who prefer not to bolt anything to their bench. Too often mobility leads to a sacrifice in quality and that simply isn’t the case with the Pro Truing Stand.



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