Meet The Riders And Their Rides-Chloe Woodruff and Her Pivot Mach 4

Chloe Woodruff & Her
Pivot Mach 4

Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2018 World Cup action. Photo by Matthew DeLorme

Chloe Woodruff has to be one of the hardest-working professional mountain bikers in America. She won both the cross-country and short-track national titles in 2015, then raced on the U.S. Olympic team in 2016. She’s still one of the top elite women’s racers in America today, and on top of that, she manages (and owns!) the Stan’s Pivot race team. We’re not sure how she handles all that stuff, but she does.

“Not many people know I run the team, but it’s really no secret,” says Chloe. “I’ve become very adept at prioritizing my time and recognizing when I can be productive with different sorts of tasks.

“I like to say I periodize my workload around my training volume. Rest weeks are filled with meetings, logistics, e-mails and planning. And, I’m thinking of adopting an auto e-mail response during big training weeks that says, ‘I’m training big this week on the bike, so I’m napping extra, cooking lots of tasty food and doing my very best to ignore my inbox. So, please try me again in a few days or text me if it’s urgent. Thanks for your understanding.’ Ha! That’s a joke but not a bad idea.

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