Meet The Riders And Their Rides-Chloe Woodruff and Her Pivot Mach 4

MBA: Did you earn any awards in school?

Chloe: My dorm voted me the “most athletic.”

MBA: What other sports do you like to do now?

Chloe: I love hiking and dog walking, and I also enjoy trail running during my off-season. It’s taken years, but I’ve also learned to love strength training.

MBA: Have you competed in them?

Chloe: Nope, although if I could be a pro dog walker, that would make me a very happy person. In the 2010 Tucson Turkey Trot 5K, I was out-sprinted by a 9-year-old.

MBA: Can you tell us something interesting or unusual about yourself or your family that is not widely known.

Chloe: I have a twin sister, lived for two months with my family in a 1985 VW Westvalia during one middle-school summer, traveled with my dad in Vietnam for three months in high school, co-promoted a criterium in Tucson for six years, and own and manage the Stan’s-Pivot Pro Team presented by Maxxis.


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