Meet The Riders And Their Rides-Christopher Blevins and His Specialized S-Works Epic Hardtail

Favorite recording artist: Dylan Owen, Hippo Campus, Rainbow Kitten SurpriseFavorite movie: Pursuit of Happyness, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society

Favorite hobbies: Basketball, music and poetry, rock climbing—and exploring novelty

Jobs held (other than racer): Nada

Most embarrassing moment: I can’t think of one. I’ve probably blocked them from my memory.

Always takes on a trip: Headphones, journal and some good-luck tokens.

What you would be if you were not a racer: I would be the exact same Christopher; what I would do on a day-to-day basis would just change a little. I’d still be at the same school with the same friends, and I feel like who I am doesn’t depend on me as a bike racer. I can honestly say that I’d be pretty much the same; I’d just be pursuing a passion in another form.


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