“I love this bike! The ability to manually adjust my suspension gives me more control over how the bike behaves in different situations. This allows my suspension to still be incredibly efficient while pedaling, but when I hit the descent, I can switch to fully open and active suspension. It is the best performing suspension I’ve ever used! The geometry is pretty slack as well, which makes it handle better—more like a trail bike—on steep and technical trails.”

2. Shock: RockShox NUDE Deluxe RLC3, 97 psi, compression at full open, one gray and one red volume spacer added, rebound two clicks slower than full “fast.”

“With the Scott TwinLoc system, I can adjust between fully open/100mm, Traction mode (which has 70mm travel and ramps up quicker—good for rough or rocky climbs) and fully locked out for pavement and smooth fire roads.”

3. Fork: RockShox SID Ultimate with Twinloc, 100mm travel with two volume tokens, 66 psi, rebound four clicks from full “fast.”

“One of the amazing things about the Scott-SRAM team is how much direct interaction we have with the engineers from SRAM and RockShox. Not only do they custom-tune and hand build each fork and shock the team riders use, they take trips and spend time with us individually to further refine our settings, make recommendations and help us get the absolute best performance out of the products they make for us.”

4. Tires: Rekon Race 170 tpi and Aspen 170 tpi, 29×2.25″.

“These are the supple ’race’ casings and are pretty wide, especially on the rims we use, so I can run lower pressures more safely. I choose which option depending on course conditions and weather but normally ride at 17 psi in front and 18 in the back.

“I really love these tires. They feel fast-rolling while maintaining a lot of grip. Additionally, they are more durable than other tires I’ve used and I have experienced fewer flats, which allows me to run 4-5 psi lower pressure. This also gives me better handling, better control and better grip!”