Meet The Riders And Their Rides: UCI Downhill World Champion Loic Bruni


Favorite movie: 21 Jump Street

Favorite hobbies: Moto

Jobs held (other than racer): I breed dolphins. [We thought he might be joking about that, but we asked him again and he repeated the claim. We still think he’s joking.]

Most embarrassing moment: Too many

Always takes on a trip: Sunscreen

What you would be if you were not a racer: Male dancer  [We’re pretty sure Loic was joking about this. Still, when we checked with him on this answer, he specified, “Las Vegas dancer.”]


Loic Bruni’s Specialized Demo Race 29/650b

“It’s the best I’ve raced,” says Bruni, “because it is polyvalent.” We asked him what he meant by that, and Loic told MBA, “Polyvalent means that the bike is a mix of everything, able to perform in different situations: pedaling, rough sections, steep track, braking efficiency. A mix of all the positive points. I can race different types of tracks and always find a way to go fast. The bike forgives some of my mistakes. It’s not so light, but it is so stable and fun with the 27.5 wheel in the back. It turns so well. The grip on the front tire is unreal, and the back wants to play. It also allows me to keep moving around the saddle the way I want, and it feels right.”

Loic’s bike was custom-built by the crew at Specialized to combine a 29-inch front wheel with a 27.5-inch (650b) back wheel.

We contacted Laurent DeLorme, who works with Loic in Europe, and asked Laurent, “Is Specialized planning on selling any bikes like Loic’s with a mixed-wheel setup?”

Laurent told us, “You may see this option very soon. Racing is the best lab to develop bikes.”  [Specialized has since announced that they will be selling a downhill bike with the mixed-wheel setup.]

Frame: Specialized Demo Race 29-650b, alloy frame, size S4, 205mm of travel

Fork: Ohlins DH 38mm Race fork, 200mm travel

Shock: Ohlins TTX 22M trunnion, high-speed compression, fast rebound

Rims: DT Swiss EX 471

Hubs: DT Swiss 240S

Spokes: DT Swiss

Derailleur: SRAM X01 DH 7-speed with Trigger plus crankset (165mm)

Cassette: CS XG 795, 10-24 DH

Stem: Joystick, binary, direct-mount stem, 45–50mm, 31.8mm diameter

Handlebars: Joystick, 8-bit, alloy, 31.8mm diameter, 780mm wide

Grips: “We are developing grips with Supacaz, but they are not yet ready.”

Brakes and rotors: Magura MT7, disc 200mm, Bruni custom lever

Tires: “Tires we are developing with Specialized currently are…

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