Mental Skills of High Performance With Dr. Michael Gervais

Mental Skills of High Performance With Dr. Michael Gervais

By Sonya Looney

Dr. Gervais and NFL Coach Pete Carroll founded Compete to Create, an online and live master class for the mind. They have worked with more than 30,000 employees at Microsoft alone on the mental skills and strategies to unleash one’s potential. Just last month in July of 2020, the Audible Original, Compete to Create was released. It’s authored by Dr. Gervais and Pete Carroll and is incredible. It also has some really helpful PDFs that come with the audiobook. The Compete to Create Audible Original just scratches the surface of their 8-week online course.

You’ll hear important and actionable ear nuggets in this podcast episode- things like defining your personal philosophy, how to build confidence and trust in yourself, the optimal level of emotional stimulation for high performance, defining success and so much more. I highly recommend listening to Compete to Create on Audible because it goes deeper into many important topics about mental skills training- from your psychological framework to mindset skills to practice, to taking care of yourself and getting adequate recovery.



“Confidence is a skill; we can train it. And you train it by being aware of how you’re appraising the external, how you’re appraising your internal, and then finding ways to challenge both of them. And if you do that on a regular basis, you got something. And the only place confidence comes from is self-talk- what you say to yourself. That’s the keyhole to confidence is what do you say to yourself and if you’re faking it, it’s going to get found out.”
– Dr. Michael Gervais

0:00 Start
6:50 Mental Fatigue and How it Affects Physical Performance
16:02 Confidence Training
19:14 How Can we be More Honest / Aware with Ourselves
23:00 How Online Courses Can Help
25:08 Confidence & Vulnerability
31:08 Can You Work on Confidence & Grit if Your Basic Needs aren’t Met
33:57 Post Traumatic Growth Can Often Help you do Amazing Things
39:34 How to regain Trust & Confidence Within Yourself
42:35 Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivation
45:02 How to Build Your own Team Around You
55:00 How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Success
1:04 How to Connect with Michael on Social

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