MilKit Tubeless Booster

Two years ago, with the milKit valve system, we started our mission to make tubeless easy, and our mission has not changed. The successful launch of the milKit valve system (see campaign) and the many motivating compliments we received for our first product and its design encouraged us to keep developing the products that improve and simplify the tubeless experience for cyclists. Talking to mechanics and tubeless riders we often heard: “This milKit system is awesome but can’t you also find an easy solution to the one problem remaining with tubeless tires: inflating them without having to use a compressor?”    

Inflating tubeless tires can be difficult to impossible without having a compressor at home. With milKit booster we want to bring you a simple, effective and inexpensive solution to get tubeless tires inflated. Let’s make tubeless easy!

To discover more, head to MilKit’s KickStarter page:


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