A lightweight enduro focused electric mountain bike.



DUNE is the last word in Mondraker’s light e-Bike range. Taking after the NEAT in some key aspects such as lightness and agility, it takes a different path by offering power and performance similar to longer travel, burlier bikes like the SUPERFOXY and LEVEL. DUNE is the black sheep of the family, naughty and nice at the same time, the super enduro of light e-Bikes. Weighing in at under 20kg it’s the waking dream of anyone who’s been torn between a modern enduro bike and a full power ebike but who just couldn’t decide. Now they won’t have to. The foundation of the DUNE is a Stealth Air Carbon frame weighing in at 2.650 grams, combined with the power and light weight of Bosch’s latest offering, the Performance SX. The frame showcases our Updated Zero Suspension and offers 165mm of rear-wheel travel and Forward Geometry specifically tuned for this long-travel hard-hitting light e-Bike.

TWO DUNES: 2009 TO 2024

Back in 2009, the DUNE hit the market as a no-compromise full-on enduro bike, and was, as chance would have it, the first ever Mondraker to feature the Zero Suspension System. An aluminium frame, 160mm travel front and back, and with the option of a 170mm fork if you went for the XR version, it was the perfect tool to take on the fledgling Enduro World Series. That DUNE was in our catalogue until 2020, and in the last five seasons you could get it with a carbon-fibre frame too.

Here at Mondraker, we’re convinced that the original DUNE was the most purebred enduro bike we’ve ever made. We managed to take that breeding and improve on it and work it into our FOXY and SUPERFOXY MTBs, but now things have come full circle and this time it’s the DUNE that’s taking all that we learned from its descendants. This time it’s an e-Bike that will carry the legacy. DUNE: The natural evolution of enduro.




When you’re talking about a light e-MTB, you’re talking about an optimized frame mated to a lightweight motor and a more compact, lightweight battery. While NEAT stands out for its balance of lightness, integration, and overall trail capability, DUNE swings the balance more towards the aggro, more powerful, burlier side of the scale without sacrificing that goal of keeping the weight well under control. DUNE, then, is a model with its own identity. As well as having a Stealth Air Carbon frame and Updated Zero Suspension System, it’s also got long travel suspension, mixed-wheel sizes, and that Bosch SX motor. All in all, it adds up to a combination of features which, considering the sub-20kg make it the
most relevant Superenduro model in our current range.


The DUNE’s frame is the next iteration of the design language adopted by the NEAT, with angular lines when seen from the side which really make it stand out, especially towards the front of the main triangle. It’s layered up from our top-of-the-range Stealth Air Carbon, our most advanced carbon fiber fabrication process, and weighs a meager 2.650 grams.

It also integrates a monobloc carbon-fiber rocker linkage, an under-toptube Fidlock support, motor bash-guard, a mudguard for the shock, and custom-made molded frame guards for the rear triangle.

Frame hardware integration includes the Bosch Performance SX System Controller set into the toptube which allows you to turn the motor on or off, select the assist mode, and check your battery charge level at a glance. There’s also a downtube located bottle cage mount which can be swapped out for a range extender support bracket if desired (for the 1.5kg, 250Wh Bosch Powermore extender).




Following in the footsteps of our latest releases such as NEAT, DUNE takes advantage of the all-new kinematics offered by our Updated Zero Suspension System. This updated design keeps the shock lower in the frame and makes the swingarm itself more compact resulting in an increase in stiffness and a reduction in overall weight. The optimization of the kinematics provides greater initial shock sensitivity and improved shock absorbance.



To get the absolute best out of this long travel e-MTB we honed the kinematics to get the progression we were looking for throughout the shock’s stroke, while never losing track of the anti-squat and anti-rise values we needed to make the bike as dynamic and efficient as desired.




DUNE has been designed around our Forward Geometry philosophy, with generous reach figures providing greater stability and confidence at high speed so you can get on with planning your next line. Both the DUNE R and DUNE RR have a 64° head angle (which drops to 63.6° on the DUNE XR), steeper effective seat angles to keep your weight centred on the climbs, and 445mm chainstays to strike the right balance between stability and agility when combined with a mixed wheel setup.


DUNE really found its soulmate in the new Bosch Performance Line SX motor. Providing 55Nm of torque, 600W of peak power, and reduced overall dimensions and weight, it’s the perfect partner for DUNE. As well as the integrated 400Wh battery (2.070grams), DUNE and its Bosch SX have been designed to take full advantage of Bosch’s PowerMore 250Wh range extender (1.5Kg), providing you with up to 60% more range (this accessory is an option and is not included with the bike). When fitted, the range extender connects to the charging port on the downtube and gives you a combined 650Wh of power, giving your light e-MTB the range offered by most full-fat e-Bikes while still being significantly lighter and more agile.



While the Bosch System Controller set into the top tube allows you to turn the motor on and off, control the support mode, and visualize the battery level, you also have the Mini Remote and Kiox 500 display on the handlebar to effortlessly switch between modes and have access to a greater range of ride info. The Bosch Performance Line SX with Smart System offers 4 different riding modes: ECO, TOUR+, eMTB, and TURBO, each of which can be individually configured through the eBike Flow app. The handlebar-mounted Kiox 500 display shows you your ride data in real-time, including power, cadence, speed, and battery level, while the Mini Remote controller next to your handlebar grip lets you navigate through the menu via three buttons.



• Stealth Air Carbon frame

• Updated Zero Suspension System kinematics

• 170mm front, 165mm rear wheel travel (180mm front on the XR model)

• 2.65Kg frame weight w/o shock (size M)

• Mixed wheels: 29” front / 27.5” rear


• Bosch Performance SX drive unit with 55Nm torque

• 400Wh integrated battery

• Up to 1500m+ elevation gain with integrated 400Wh battery

• 4 completely customizable assistance modes

• 250Wh (+60%) PowerMore range extender compatible

• Integrated System Controller frame display with Kiox 500 handlebar display


• Hidden Housing Guide through headset • x1 bottle cage mount (Powermore or water bottle)

• x1 Fidlock mount under top tube • Clearance for up to 66mm (2.6”) wide tires

• Integrated rear shock fender • Custom made rubber and plastic protectors

• Post Mount 200mm rear brake

• Tapered head tube

• Boost 148x12mm rear axle

• Custom chain guide

• UDH derailleur hanger

• 4 sizes, 3 models: R, RR and XR


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