Tinker's gravel and road bikes will be made by Squad; his mountain bikes are another story

Tinker contacted MBA today to give us an update on his bike choices for 2022. Tinker had revealed earlier today that he’ll be riding for Floyd’s of Leadville in the coming year. He and the rest of that team will be riding Squad gravel and road bikes, but Squad does not have a mountain bike, so there was no news about what kind of mountain bike Tinker would be riding yet.

MBA texted Tinker today to find out if he could tell us any more about what kind of mountain bike he’ll be riding. Tinker texted us back that he’s still looking for a mountain bike for the coming year. Tinker told us that the bike shortages due to the pandemic have made the search harder.

“Nobody wanted to ride their old bikes and the team was trying very hard to get bikes for everybody,” Tinker told us. “So we haven’t decided what mountain bike I will ride on, but for sure I’ll be on a new mountain bike before I race in January.”

Vail Lake in Temecula will be hosting 6- and 12-hour endurance races on Jan. 29th in 2022, so we expect we’ll see Tinker there on whatever bike he chooses to race in the event.

Tinker (shown here at Vail Lake in Temecula, California in 2021) is looking for a new mountain bike sponsor for the coming year, when racing returns to Vail Lake in January 2022. (Photo by Gavin Burke)


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