More Info on the $160,000 Specialized Headquarters Bike Burglary

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Above: Christoph Sauser’s 2008 World Championship-winning S-Works Epic was one of the 18 bikes stolen in the daylight burglary last Sunday. The total value of the bikes was estimated at $160,000 in the official police report.

The thieves who burglarized the Specialized headquarters on Sunday, Dec. 13th, did so by breaking through a window in the front of the building, Specialized’s Kelly Henningsen told MBA. She revealed that the building’s security-camera footage showed two men wearing COVID-19 face masks entering the building and committing the burglary. While the masks concealed most of their faces, the police were able to grab still images of the men from the videos that could be useful in identifying and prosecuting the thieves.

Below is the Specialized press release on the burglary that was released on Thursday:

Here is the list of the bikes that were stolen:Below are photos of some of the bikes stolen in the heist, along with a photo showing part of the showroom.

Jaroslav Kulhavy’s gold-medal-winning bike from the 2012 Olympics was one of the bikes stolen.

Christoph Sauser’s 2008 World Championship-winning S-Works Epic was one of the 18 bikes that were taken in the burglary.  This bike was the first full-suspension bike to win the World Championship in the Elite Men’s XC ranks. (Photo from Val di Sole, Italy, June 2008, by Martin Platter)
Peter Sagan’s Sagan Roubaix that he rode in winning the Paris-Roubaix road race was another one of the bikes that was stolen. While the value was estimated at $10,000 in the police report, we suspect that the real value of this bike, like many of the others, is much higher than that. (Photo: Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |


Fabian Cancellara’s yellow S-Works Tarmac road bike was made to match his leader’s jersey in the Tour de France. It’s gone now.

Some of the other bikes in the Specialized lobby/museum area.