Most Crazy New Product Of The Month

If we had got this on April 1st, we would have figured it was an April fools joke. But this is April 13th and the company selling this is serious.

The product is an update on the old trick of putting cards in the spokes to make noise. Their press release says the Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System “uses cards, but now they’re made of a thin plastic so they last for ages. It also has the accessory to end all accessories: a realistic full size motorcycle-style muffler. This isn’t like any standard muffler because it actually amplifies the sound generated by the card in the spokes. It’s awesome!”

The Turbospoke is distributed across the USA & Canada by Schylling Toys and it sells for $19.99. You can find out where the Turbospoke is available near you by visiting their website by clicking here.

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