Mountain Bike Action Bike Test: Bulls Copperhead EVO AM 4 Trail Bike


plenty bright. Another feature of the rear Monkeylink mount is that you can use it for a Monkeylink fender that not only helps keep mud off your back, it also keeps it out of the Monkeylink receiver.


A Shimano XTR 1×12 drivetrain offers all the range we could have asked for.

The Shimano XTR 1×12 drivetrain proved perfect for everything we tried it on. We were never wanting for higher or lower gears. We did, however, often find we’d shift two to three gears at a time, because t the steps were so small.

Monkeylink lights are an option, and the receiver is already pre-wired for them. Click them in magnetically and they’re ready to go!

The bike comes with a Limotec dropper post. Depending on the frame size, most come with 100mm of travel, but the large frame comes with a longer 125mm of travel to get the saddle out of the way when you need it to.


ECO = 60%
TOUR = 140%
eMTB= 140–340%
TURBO = 340%

The Copperhead comes with a fourth-generation Bosch Performance Line CX. The latest generation of the CX is significantly different than previous versions. It’s not a refinement from the previous generations. The Bosch engineers started over and redesigned it from the ground up.

The motor itself, including the casing, is tiny compared to the third generation. In fact, the motor lost almost 3 pounds and, at nearly half the size, allows for shorter chainstays.

The new motor has the same…

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