Mountain Bike Action Bike Test: Cannondale Moterra Neo 1 Trail Bike


and the motor is showing signs of being a longevity king. Power delivery is optimal and complements this type of bike extremely well, on both the flat and on climbs. The motor is not super silent, but for us we felt reassured by its presence not being drowned out.


The feeling of power in e-MTB mode is really good. There is almost no need to touch the power button if you want a more natural ride rather than just motoring along in turbo. Shifting on the Cannondale was good, and passing through the 25 km/h limit is now a much nicer experience than previous generations of the Bosch motor. Although on the Moterra, as it is a heavier bigger bike, you will need well-trained legs to maintain faster than 25 km/h cruising speeds. 


“The Moterra Neo 1 is a beast. It can absolutely go as fast as the rider is able, and we have yet to find the absolute limit of the bike.” 


The battery is housed in the downtube in a sleek manner and is fairly easy to remove for charging. It’s also possible to charge on the bike as well. You use a key to remove the battery. The charge time from empty on the 625-Wh unit was about 3–4 hours depending on how drained it was. 

The Bosch Kiox display is our only less preferred feature of the Moterra Neo 1. We would prefer a different mounting solution or the possibility of a bar-mounted display if we have to have one. We don’t like big displays in general; although,…

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